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About Us -  Our History

My name is TR Hach and I am proud to say I am the third-generation owner/manager of our little community.  We are a 55 and older community in the heart of Mentor.  Although I am biased, I am confident in saying we are on of the nicest communities in the county west of State Route 44.

The 40’s and 50’s

In 1949 Ralph Hach (my grandfather) purchased approximately 7 acres on Route 20.  On the 7 acres were small sites for travelers to park their travel trailers.  He called it “The Friendly Park”. The travel trailers didn’t have bathrooms; they were just too small and cars weren’t designed to pull the additional weight. In the 40’s the landlord provided the “facilities” and ironically they were housed in the same building as our current offices. 

At the same time many people crossing the country took Route 20. During the 50’s and up until the mid-70’s Mentor was the Rose Capital of the world. Some of our guests were vacationers, some were migrant workers and some were looking for a place to live.

As the country developed and the highway system completed, we were forced to change with the times. 

The 60’s to 90’s

In the early 60’s my father Ted, after attending The Ohio State University and serving in the Marine Corps as a Captain, returned home and decided that he would help his father reconfigure the community to what it is now.  Had they not changed – they surely would have gone out of business. 

What they developed were over 100 sites complete with off street parking, street lights, common areas, curbed roads and many old growth trees for shade and cover.  My father’s philosophy was different than most developers in the 60’s.  Most people wanted as many residents as possible – more people equal more money.  My father on the other hand thought people would appreciate having larger sites, curbed roads, trees to appreciate, and strong management to keep the community a nice place to live.  Unknowingly having larger sites have given us the flexibility to accommodate larger 16-foot-wide homes and in some cases even double wide homes. 

I have had the pleasure of working with my father since I was young, handing him tools, repairing lights, mowing lawns, and other general maintenance. 

2000 to Today

In May of 2000 my dad decided it was time for him to enjoy the fruits of his hard work and retire.

My return to the family business was perfect since I had started a family and I had always wanted to come back and run the business. After several years with the Richard E Jacobs Group and Forest City Enterprises, my dad and I came to an agreement that it was time for me to come home.

The last 20 years have been a very mixed bag varying levels of business and installation of new homes.  In the early 2000’s we brought in between 5-10 new homes per year – selling them just about as fast as we could get them set up.  The second part of the first decade we met up with significant challenges business and personally.  Business from 2006 was particularly tough and my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  Unfortunately, my father passed in 2009, but we held the fort down and made it through a very difficult time economically. 

By 2014 the economy was looking brighter. We have made several improvements over the years to the community including changing the name of the community to Avenue Woods, new signage, seasonal activities, picnic tables to our common areas, a community room, along with the continued effort to update the homes in the community.  We now have TR and two part-time employees who strive to meet our resident’s needs. 

What the future holds will be interesting. We believe we are in a great situation to help people looking for a two-home experience (Sun Belt State and Ohio) and we continue to review services we can offer to our residents-snow removal, landscaping services, power washing and picnics.

If you are in the market or have a loved one who might benefit financially and emotionally for “downsizing’; or you have interest in owning a home we can help. Please call me personally at

I hope to hear from you and hope you like our community.

We proudly support:

  • Mentor Chamber of Commerce

  • Painesville Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Rotary International – Mentor Chapter

  • Lake County Council on Aging – Board Member


I've lived in the park 11 years, and it turned out to be a great decision for my retirement. Close to shopping, restaurants, and is a quiet place for those 55 and over.



Herb Johnson | Homeowner

We have been living at Avenue Woods for over 30 years. I think we checked every mobile home park in Lake County before making our decision on this park. We are so glad that we did; we have seen a lot of changes in the park, but they have all been good ones! So convenient for everything: shopping, doctors, etc. We sure made the right choice.



Don & Judy Miller | Homeowners

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